IWS Business Owners

How We Help Business Owners

People who own a business are a rare breed. It takes talent and tenacity to turn small ideas into big ones; to make a business grow and prosper. We provide advice for people like you: People who like to succeed! Our reputation is built on working with Entrepreneurs who want to grow and protect the value of their assets.

We Will Help You

Clarify and prioritize your financial goals.

Quantify where you are now.

Define where you want to be and when.

Based on our knowledge and expertise, we’ll make recommendations to help you get there.

We will also help you implement those recommendations every step of the way.

You get your own personal financial website, where you see everything you own in one place.

Our Services

Phase 1: Defensive Planning
Protecting What You Own, What You Earn, and Those You Love.

Phase 2: Offensive Planning
Planning for Major Purchases, College Education, Debt Payoff, Emergencies, and Retirement.

Phase 3: Aggressive Planning
Prioritizing Goals including Tax Minimization Strategies, Diversifying to Reduce Risk, Maximizing Qualified Plan Contributions, and Overpowering Inflation.

Phase 4: Legacy Planning
Passing Along Assets through Estate Conversion, Charitable Giving, Business Succession and Business Exits.

How it Works

We start with a simple conversation and be introduced. We learn about each other and see if we have synergy to work together. If we do, then we conduct an initial consultation to find out more about you and make preliminary ideas of how we can help. If you like us and we have synergy, then we discuss next steps of working together.

How Do I Get Started?

Fill out our Contact Form or Schedule an Initial Call, and we will be in touch soon.